Clontarf Junior String Orchestra - In Childvision- Garden Party June 2019

Clontarf Junior String Orchestra

In  Clontarf Violin School we teach  Violin, Viola, Cello and Piano FROM  AGE 3.

We offer a free trial lesson to young children from the age of 3 .

Admission to the school is available through the whole school year. To book a free assessment, please  contact us .

After the first lesson, the instructor will advise the parent on which size instrument to purchase for their child.

Parents are not aware of how much music and playing a musical instrumental in a early age can be beneficial for their child. Here are some benefits music can provide : Music can impact the child`s development and it helps the body and the mind work together, build motor skills, practice self-expression, strengthen memory skills and improve social skills.

Never TOO young to love music

What we offer:

-Violin and Viola- Individual or Group lessons from age 3.

-Cello- from age 3 . -Piano- from age 3.

-Piano -from age 3  

-String Orchestra- open to anybody who plays a string instrument from age 6. Rehearsals on Fridays at 6:15 pm ( 45 min). In St. John the Baptist Parish Center (Clontarf Rd.).

_ After school activity - Group lesson  Belgrove Senior Girl School ( thrusdays at 2:30pm) ONLY for Senior Girls

_ After School activity - Group Lesson Belgrove Junior Boy School ( Fridays at 1:20 pm) Open for everyone from age 5- up 12.


Lessons per Term

First semester:

September - December 15 individual lessons

Second semester: January - June 22 individual lessons

Events 2018-2019

*Clontarf Choral Competition on the 3rd of March

*Spring Workshops in schools 10th of May- Trio Polak at Belgrove Junior Girl School in Clontarf

* Talent Show 28th of May - Belgrove Junior Boy School

* Spring Concert - 8th of June-  Childvision Special Education School

* End of the year Concert -21 th of June at 6:30 pm St. John the Baptist - Parish Hall

* Trio Polak Concert- 26th of June- Childvision Special Education School

*Trio Polak- 22nd Sept- Clontarf Hospital

* Carol Service -15th of December 2019- St. John the Baptism- Clontarf

Outreach programme

Christmas concerts 

Spring Music Workshops ( April /May and June) .

* Trio Polak and guests ( string trio composed by Marisol de Paula and two daughters) Ecletic Repertoire Learn about the instruments and a few composer and music styles.

*Violin Taster Programme: ( give it a try) Introduction to the violin- Children will have a chance to try it on.

*Recycled Musical Band: Make your own recycled musical instruments. Percussion band- It is fun to play together with your friends.


We make your event much more special!!

We offer music for weddings cerimonies- Baptism-Funeral-anniversary etc.


Marisol de Paula

Born in Brazil, Marisol received a BA in music, focusing on violin and piano, from the University of São Paulo and began teaching while an undergraduate. She has since taught violin in Brazil, Poland and Dublin to numerous children and adults, individually and in groups, and privately, in music schools and in primary schools. Nowadays she still teaching privately and in Waltons Newschool of Music . And she is the String Coordinator in Sutton Park School. She has also performed with many orchestras and ensembles in Brazil and Europe. In addition to her violin studies, Marisol has trained in a range of methodologies – including Suzuki, Kodály, Dalcroze Eurhythmics and Colourstrings Method – in Brazil, Germany, Italy and Ireland. Her teaching practice brings to bear several of these methodologies, but most of all she likes making music enjoyable and fun! In addition to her teaching work, Marisol was also coordinator of the String Project in Ilhabela, Brazil (in partnership with the Department of Social Welfare and the Vermelhos Theatre), which taught music to vulnerable children, and she founded and directs the Trio Polak Project, a string trio of Marisol and her two daughters that performs in schools, concert halls and other venues with the aim of developing young audiences for classical music as well as encouraging young people to take it up. Finally, for several years she ran a music production company with her brother called music4eventsbrasil.


Nicole Polak and Marisol at Clontarf Hospital Open Day

At the Reception of the 24th Festival of Youth Orchestra 2019

Our Choir got 84 points and Higly Commended!!

Clontarf Junior String Orchestra

Garden Party -Childvision June 2019

Didatic concert TRIO POLAK in Vermelhos Theater Brazil

Ensemble lessons - Playing together motivates the kids!

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