Courses in Clontarf Violin School

COURSES  in school:

Age 3-5 

Music&Me level : 

*Children learn all about the orchestra instruments and styles of music.

*Music notation 

*How to play the recorder and percussion instruments.

*Duration of 45minutes classes. 



-Violin and Viola- Individual or Group lessons from age 3.

-Cello- from age 3 .

-Piano -from age 3 .

-Guitar- ( from age 8).

_ Ukulele ( from age 5)

_ Music Theory ( Online Classes)- preparatory for all exams.

-String Orchestra ( Cancelled - COVID 19)- open to anybody who plays a string instrument from age 6. Rehearsals : every last Friday of the month at 6:15 pm ( 45 min). In St. John the Baptist Parish Center (Clontarf Rd.).

Belgrove Boy School ( Cancelled COVID 19) - Group lesson - FRIDAY at 2:20pm to 3:15pm. Open for the community.

After school activity (Cancelled COVID 19)- Group lesson Belgrove Senior Girl School ( thrusdays at 2:20pm to 3:15 pm ) ONLY Senior Girls are allowed

Online Programme

We offer online program for children and adults. COURSES: * Piano * Violin * Flute • We use different ways to connect with our students: Zoom platform, google duo, skype or WhatsApp calls.

• Student must have a good Wi-Fi connection and good quality equipment (Computer / Tablet/ Phone).

Beginner course for children:

• For your child`s online lessons succeed, parents must support their child at all time (during the lesson and in their day routine practise ).

• Parents need to be aware that they are a very important key for their kid’s success.

• The first 2 lessons are for the parents or guardian.

In those lessons the teacher introduces the methodology and teaches the parents how to practise with their child.

• During the term we will be sending you videos to help your child with the practise.

• We provide a printable material, or to buy the books recommended by the teachers! (some teachers prefer to send you every week some new materials).

We recommend you to have a printer or you can print it in your local library or if we can send you all the material by post (additional fee).

Lesson Length/ price per lesson • 10-15 minutes: age 3/4 = 15 euros

• 20 minutes: age 4/5 = 20 euros

• 30 minutes: age 6- up = 25 euros.

We work per term: September till December: 15 weeks term.

How we motivate the student?

We will be sending to you : 1. Videos to help you in your day practice.

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2. Printable Games and activities.

3. Live Virtual Concert videos from our YouTube channel- it is a great experience, as you can see students from all levels and from all around the world! SUBSCRIBE NOW!

4. Newsletter with upcoming events in town and online.

5. An invitation to perform in our concerts (church- concert halls- fairs – online).